Dr. R. Scott Beebe, Ph.D

Dr. Amy Bolton Beebe, Ph.D., DABPS


Initial Appointment

The initial appointment is $150 ($125 with cash or check.  This is the time that Dr. Beebe will meet with parents, gather the necessary information, and together plan what will be the next steps in treatment or assessment.

Psycho-educational Assessment

The cost of a psycho-educational assessment will be $800 ($750 with cash or check).  There is an additional fee for psycho-educational evaluations conducted on weekends or holidays.

This cost includes the testing session, written report and results conference with the parents.  There are no additional fees if additional testing sessions are required. 

Optional Program, APEX and CLUE testing do not require an initial appointment. Fees for this testing ranges from $170 to $320 ($150-$280 with cash or check and depending on the extent of testing required).

Adult ADHD Screening us $250 ($220 with check or cash).

Making Payments

Payment is due at the time of service.  Acceptable forms of payment include:  cash, check, and/or credit card. 

Note about insurance:

Drs. Scott and Amy Beebe work hard to keep their fees affordable.

These services are considered “private pay” services, meaning that the parents of the child or the adult patient/client is responsible for paying for services themselves. However, if a patient/client wishes to file a claim themselves (for “Out of Network” reimbursement), we will provide an invoice with the needed insurance codes.

Many established mental health professionals do not join or remain on insurance panels for several reasons.  Filing insurance requires a significant breach of patient/client confidentiality. This includes a psychiatric diagnosis which will then become part of the patient’s/client’s permanent health record. Having such a diagnosis could result in higher premiums, exclusions of preexisting conditions, or denial of insurance.

Also, there is a great deal of paperwork required, which takes time and energy away from the patient/client and significantly drives up costs.  Providers who join insurance panels have to pass these costs on to clients in the form of higher fees.