Psycho-Educational Assessment

Psycho-educational assessments assist in the diagnosis of learning, behavior or emotional problems that a child/adult is experiencing.  The assessment also aids in treatment planning and school placement.  Suspected problems for which an assessment is typically recommended include:  ADD/ADHD, Processing Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, and other types of developmental delays.



Dr. Scott Beebe and Dr. Amy Beebe offer lectures to parents and teachers at various private schools in the Memphis area.  Both Drs. Beebe are also available to speak at parents’ groups, as well as school meetings and workshops.




Dr. R. Scott Beebe, Ph.D

Dr. Amy Bolton Beebe, Ph.D., DABPS

    Private Individual Testing for Shelby County Schools Optional Programs

This testing is to determine eligibility for Shelby County Schools Optional Programs. This can include testing in the areas of  Reading, Math and/or Written Language, depending on the student’s needs. Individual testing is conduced with the KTEA-II in accordance with SCS requirements.

    Private Individual Ability Testing for SCS APEX/CLUE

This consists of IQ testing to determine eligibility for these gifted programs.

    Bilingual-Spanish Psycho-educational Assessment

Dr. Scott Beebe provides full assessment of students in Spanish. This is done through area public schools or in his private practice. In addition to diagnosing learning problems, this assessment can determine the extent to which limited English proficiency is responsible for the child’s problems.

    Social Security Disability Evaluations

Drs. Scott and Amy Beebe perform disability evaluations for children and adults by contract with the Social Security Administration.